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The 2nd Annual HBCU Professor Retreat, presented by ICON360 and Pensole Lewis College, is dedicated to dismantling the barriers hindering the success of HBCU fashion education. Taking place on June 19 - 20 in Brooklyn, NY, this two-day gathering will feature solution-focused conversations between industry leaders and HBCU faculty, aimed at propelling HBCU students forward in the fashion industry. By addressing systemic challenges head-on, we aim to produce equitable solutions that empower emerging fashion industry talent from HBCUs.

Day One

JUNE 19, 2024

Prepare to be inspired by our Industry-Led Panel Sessions, featuring experts from various sectors of the fashion industry. Gain valuable insights, industry trends, and best practices that you can integrate into your teaching. This is an excellent opportunity to network and build connections that can last a lifetime.


Engage in stimulating Peer Roundtable Discussions. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate with colleagues from different HBCUs, fostering a supportive and enriching environment. Cap off the day with Networking opportunities, where you can expand your professional circle, exchange contact information, and solidify connections made throughout the day.


Day 1 of the HBCU Professor Retreat promises to be a dynamic and enriching experience, providing you with valuable insights, connections, and resources to enhance your role in HBCU fashion education.

Day Two

JUNE 20, 2024

On the second and final day of the retreat, professors will embark on a unique opportunity to visit the corporate offices of our esteemed partners. Here, they will have the invaluable chance to Engage with leaders who are actively shaping the future of the fashion industry.

The primary objective of these visits is to foster meaningful dialogue and knowledge exchange between academia and industry. Professors will immerse themselves in discussions, gaining insights into the specific skills, qualities, and attributes that our partners are seeking in future talent.

This firsthand exposure to industry trends, challenges, and expectations will equip professors with the knowledge and inspiration needed to effectively prepare their students for successful careers in fashion post-graduation. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, we aim to empower HBCU professors to create impactful and relevant educational experiences for their students.

Day 2 promises to be an enriching and eye-opening experience, offering professors a glimpse into the real-world dynamics of the fashion industry and providing them with invaluable tools to enhance their teaching and mentorship roles.

Our Partners

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